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Introduction to Our Industrial Castor Wheels

Castor wheels are incredibly useful tools that mobilise warehouse trolleys and other warehouse equipment in all kinds of industries. At Castors2Go, we have castor wheels in both fixed and swivel frames types, as well as various material types. These castor wheels can be used in many different types of environments, and can greatly improve workplace productivity and safety. Even with our merging with Ladders2Go, Trolleys2Go, Plastics2Go and Lifting2Go to form Equip2Go, our excellent range of industrial castor wheels are still available on Castors2Go.

Fixed vs. Swivel Castor Frame Types

There are two main castor wheel frame types: fixed (also called rigid) and swivel. Castor wheels with a rigid frame feature a wheel mounted in a set of forks that is unable to turn. This means that while these fixed frame castor wheels can move forward and backward in a straight line, they are unable to move in any direction outside of that. That being said, rigid castor wheels can sometimes be easier to navigate when moving heavy loads, as their limited manoeuvrability makes for steadier transportation.

On the other hand, castor wheels with a swivel frame are able to rotate 360 degree and can instantly respond to changes in direction. While this does allow for a more convenient range of applications, it can take more effort to set loads on these swivel castor wheels in motion as it requires a push to move all the castor wheels to the same direction. It can also be quite challenging to push a load in a straight line.

Fixed castor wheels and swivel castor wheels have different strengths and weaknesses. However, they can also be combined together to get the best of both worlds.

Rubber Castor Wheels

At Castors2Go, our castor wheels are available in various material types. The first of these is rubber castor wheels, which have both grey and blue forms. Rubber castor wheels are quiet, non-marking and shock absorbing, making them perfect for use on timber, tiled, vinyl and concrete flooring. However, please note that they are not suitable for corrosive environments, unlike our urethane castor wheels which can be used in these conditions.

Grey rubber castor wheels like our 125mm TE21TPB_R Grey Rubber Castors are manufactured with thermoplastic rubber, granting them enhanced quietness and efficiency in the workplace. On the other hand, blue rubber castor wheels like our 100mm TE31EZB_SB Blue Rubber Castors have an elastic construction that allows them to bounce back from flat spots that can accumulate when supporting heavy materials for long periods of time. This ability of the blue rubber to return back to its shape is what makes our blue rubber castor wheels industry standards.

Urethane Castor Wheels

Our heavy duty urethane castor wheels feature a urethane coating on cast iron wheel that ensures these castor wheels can withstand the harshest conditions. Urethane castor wheels like our 160mm TE21UNR_H Urethane Castors and our 200mm TE51UNB_R Urethane Castors are non-marking, quiet and are one of the most well-rounded castor wheels across all kinds of surfaces. In particular, though, our urethane castor wheels provide great floor protection on tile, carpet and linoleum. Not only do urethane castor wheels have a longer tread life than rubber, but they are also resistant to most solvents, chemicals, dirt, water, oil and grease. This makes them suitable for medical and food-related applications.

Nylon Castor Wheels

Nylon castor wheels like our 125mm TE21NNR_SB White Nylon Castors are durable, non-marking and have low rolling resistance. Due to their ability to perform well in wet environments, they are ideal for use in refrigerators, cool rooms and supermarkets. Additionally, nylon castor wheels also resist dirt particles, meaning they are also suitable for dirty floors.

Stainless Steel Castor Wheels

Similar to our nylon castor wheels, our stainless steel castor wheels are also suitable for use in wet environments, making them perfect for food and health industries where frequent washing is prominent. Stainless steel castor wheels like our 80mm TE22UNI_SB Stainless Steel Poly Castors are also often used in laboratory, food processing factory, hospital, nursing home and commercial laundry environments.

Pneumatic Castors, Pneumatic Wheels and Puncture Proof Pneumatic Wheels

At Castors2Go, we have a wide selection of pneumatic castors and pneumatic wheels, like our 250mm TE43 PRB-R Pneumatic Castor, as well as puncture proof pneumatic wheels, like our 20mm Bearing Semi Pneumatic Puncture Proof Wheel. Thanks to their high resilience over rough ground like asphalt and dirt, pneumatic castor wheels and puncture proof pneumatic wheels are ideal for use with agricultural equipment and sports equipment, including batting cages, nets and equipment trolleys.

Brakes on Our Castor Wheels

Our castor wheels, regardless of if they are a swivel castor wheel or a rigid castor wheel, come with brake options. Brakes on castor wheels can be a good idea if you are intending to use our castor wheels on sloped or uneven surfaces, providing enhanced stability and security.

Additional Things to Consider When Choosing Castor Wheels for Your Workplace

Besides frame types, material types and brakes for our castor wheels, there are a few additional things to be aware of when selecting castor wheels for your workplace. These include:

  • Larger castor wheels generally have an easier time being pushed, passing over bumps and minimising vibration.
  • Harder castor wheels require less effort to start the wheel turning on smooth surfaces. For sustained lower push effort over rough ground, high resilience castor wheels are best.
  • Domed castor wheels require less force to roll, especially on carpeting. Flat profile castor wheels tend to spread the load and prevent damage to floors at high load ratings.

Castor Wheel Dimensions and Specifications

Before selecting one of our industrial castor wheels for your work environment, it is important to be aware of the frame type, size and load capacity. As load capacity in particular can affect the sorts of applications a castor wheel is used for, you should always ensure the load capacity of your selected castor wheel aligns with your intended use. By doing this, you can maintain a safe and productive workplace.

Our castor wheels are perfect for all industrial transportation requirements in a range of environments. With our broad array of castor wheels, Castors2Go is your trusted provider of industrial castor wheels Australia.